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 ACN Home Care Service Ltd is a Domiciliary Care provider aimed at supporting people with learning disabilities that have complex needs in their own home and to provide independence through the provision of personal and social care.

As a care provider, we work in accordance with the Domiciliary Care Standards Act 2000 in partnership with the REACH Standards and Valuing People with the aim to meet our responsibilities under the Care Standards Act. Whilst our service is broad in scope; these standards acknowledge the unique and complex needs of individuals and the additional specific knowledge and skills required in order to deliver a service that is tailored to the needs of each individual.

We are aware of the growth in supported living for many people with learning disabilities, for people that present with behaviors that are difficult to understand or which challenge services that tended to be only residential care. As a provider, we have adopted and reinforced the notion that people with learning disabilities should be enabled to live in their own accommodation with appropriate support.

We have identified a need to enable more people to have the support they need by returning back to their borough and to live in their own homes. This strategy has also identified that significant savings could be achieved by bringing people back to their borough as long as the support mechanisms and the staff teams who will support them are in place. We appreciate that there is further influence to consider bringing someone back in regards to accessing specialist health input such as psychology or psychiatry in another part of the country has been difficult. The development of care plans and strategies for bringing these people back has been the objective of our work to date. The needs of these people are complex and often relate to their autistic tendencies.

The aim of our service is to provide independence through the provision of personal and social care to people in their own homes. In this way service users and their relatives and representivies can make a fully informed choice about whether or not, our organisation is suitable and able to meet the individual's particular needs. What is clear from our assessments of the needs of people is that the living environment structure and the staffing regime to support them must be set up in an individualised way.

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